Work In Progress #2

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Squad French Mod by the community:

Progress Update

Hello everyone! Here’s the latest news on the French Squad mod, dedicated to the game’s Francophone teams and communities. What’s new? We don’t want to make you wait any longer. Many good things are going on, including 3D model production, the start of game integration, and recruiting for our modder dream-team. Also, we want you to know that the mod will not only include the French Foreign Legion (FFL, Legion), but the Navy will also make an appearance! We’re eager to share every change and detail, big and small. Our regular Work in Progress (WIP) discussions will be broadcast weekly every Wednesday, and rebroadcast every Friday.

Just as I type this up, good news on the mod is shared; progress is made. We’re very proud of the work on the French Legion. And soon enough, Euro forces, too (we’ll talk more about this later). Enough chatter!


3D production has commenced!

1 week = 1 FAMAS G2!



Thanks to the work of busy @drakoliche, we present to you the mod’s service rifle for the French Navy, forces which are likely to be released at the same time as the FFL mod, OPEX:SERVAL.


Tuesday, July 25, 3am: first images surface, courtesy of our modeling team including @RumHam. This is the Scrome J4 scope, to be equipped on the FAMAS F1, used by the Legion.


Wednesday, July 26, 3am: we receive further detailed on the 3D model. Textures are in progress. Please believe that these guys are eager to quickly deliver results. And don’t forget that progress and decisions are made under our military consultant, @babken, a veteran of real-life Operation Serval.

Only the swiftest VAB production!

As you can tell, the 3D model of the VAB armored personnel carrier (APC) is advancing. @Niko continues to work on the important vehicle, which will be the backbone of a successful Legion team, and will be offered in several different configurations.


Of course, the VBCI!

Just today, July 26, new images of the VBCI appeared, thanks to our @Baby_James, an artist making very very speedy progress. We’d like to offer a friendly reminder to @Baby_James that he is in fact allowed to take a break and rest and even sleep.




A second “Logi” truck is coming!


Our operation will introduce two new logistics trucks: The Renault GBC 180, to work next to the massive PPLOG multipurpose truck.

The “Logi” trucks, to be designed by @Phoenix, will make use of assets produced by a new 3D artist, @Bonfunk. His shipping containers will be integrated into the trucks, and may also be found on the map. He’s also working on the 120mm, which we’ll talk about later. Here are some captures of his container, which includes functioning player-openable doors.



120mm mortar inbound!

Got an itching desire to destroy? This devastating weapon will be right up your alley. @Bonfunk will indeed deliver, on demand, and with a payload heavier than you’re used to in Squad. The official Squad SDK is missing some assets and is not up to date with the game, so we can’t test the new mortar yet. In-game, the mortar will be towed by trucks and will be available from the beginning of the match.


Map pre-production is ongoing…

Slowly but surely, our vision for the Mali-based map forms. Below are some photos from Google of the proposed location, Douentza, Mali. Additionally, we’ve shared some design documents, so that you can get an idea of our workflow.




Here’s a comparison of the location with existing Squad map, Al Basrah:


It’ll be a lot of work examining and refining map playability, to make sure it’s fun to play with infantry, land vehicles, and even air vehicles! @SilentBlood is a tremendously qualified modder and has taken the title of Lead Level Designer.

@Datickler is working on materials and textures in coordination with @SilentBlood.


Operations are refined…

For novelty and transparency, we’ll share with you some internal documents regarding our workflow and technical operations.


And last: The birth of the French faction! This is just a brief demonstration, just so we can say that our French faction technically exists in the game.

Click here!

What else is planned?

The Marksman will receive a new weapon: the HK417. Optics and accessories will be identified later. Work will start next week, look for it in WIP #3.

Our superb team!

Our team has grown to a lovely 17 modders, out of our goal of 19.


We welcome new friends:

@Pokertour is famous for his Arma 3 scripts in which he added parachute jumping and functioning altimeters.

3D artists @Bonfunk and @Rumham have quickly gotten to work and are showing results.

@Baby_James, known for his British map assets for Squad.

@ChristofferBB has also joined the mapping team, in addition to skilled @SilentBlood.

@Datlicker is here to support modeling of the Super Puma helicopters, both Marine and Army versions.

Experienced @Sim0_ will be assisted by @Nightmare-Actual, in order to provide the best sound design.


Our group stands 17 strong, and anyone would consider it a real dream-team. We are extremely fortunate to have everyone on board, and non-development staff has done a great job with presenting and recruiting.


We hope to have playable elements to distribute as early as September.

Beta testing?

As soon as possible, we’d like to carry out in-game tests. Dates and schedules will be announced via our site’s calendar. Watch out for our servers, too:

︻╦╤─ [FR] ─╤╦︻

Also, we’ll be organizing live streaming sessions to familiarize you with vehicles, uniforms, and other assets.