Work In Progress #3

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All Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names, References  are property of their respective owners and are for identification and non commercial purposes only ; use of these Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names and References does not imply endorsement. We plan to obtain any authorization required before in game implementation.

WIP Update #3


The promised FAMAS F1

Here’s a small WIP update to get you through the weekend. @Chap has finished a first pass of the FAMAS F1, to be equipped by the Legion. Expect more detailed renders and textures soon.

FAMAS G2 Marine update!



More Scrome J4 scope details



Our lad @Rumham can’t wait to get this model finished and working in-game.

Mod logos and graphics?



@Frank, our new Production Designer, is preparing graphics and media for the mod. He’s currently working on logos we can comfortably attach to the rest of the mod. Above are copies of a proposed graphic, featuring the Legion. We think you’ll like it. :~)

VBCI model ready for integration!


@Baby_James has finished his APC model. Textures will come soon, along with in-game integration. We believe he’s done a wonderful job.


We also welcome @bakben for military council, and @involutory for information organization throughout various stages of work. The latter, with @jamesdev, are currently meeting with programmers and other modders to establish a workflow for implementation of our assets in-game.

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