Work In Progress #4

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All Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names, References  are property of their respective owners and are for identification and non commercial purposes only ; use of these Vehicle Designs, Object Designs, Product Names, Graphic Logos, Brand Names and References does not imply endorsement. We plan to obtain any authorization required before in game implementation.

WIP Update #4

Here’s a brief update on the mod, and a feature of a friend’s project.

Grenade! Fire in the hole!

3D artist @Baby_James, already chugging out content, has found time to model a hand grenade.

VAB: The Latest Model

@Niko presents his VAB update. We’re eager to see where he takes it.


Renault TRM 2000

You ought to get familiar with another vehicle we have yet to announce: the TRM light utility truck. We neglected to put this truck on our original to-do list, but @Phoenix has decided it will in fact see the light of day.



The Operation Serval team is collaborating with mapper @TexasFury. Here is an outline of one of his own maps, set in Ethiopia, with a semi-fictional conflict:
Gambela is a region in Ethiopia, close to the border of South Sudan. Some five to six years ago, Sudanese insurgents attack a refugee camp. In response, French forces are sent to regain control and restore order. To the south of the city is an airport occupied by allied forces. Other structures of interest include a football stadium and a church. The map is effectively cut in half by the Baro River, which can only be crossed by amphibious vehicle, aircraft, or crossing a single 305-meter bridge.
The Gambela map itself isn’t officially part of the Operation Serval mod project, but we are sharing our French faction assets, and we are glad to give shouts-out to our modders and their own projects.

Interactive Shipping Containers

Here you’ll see @bonfunk’s interactive shipping containers, in action. You might find these assets on the back of utility trucks, or just scattered across the map.

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