Work in Progress #5 | The Update Has Arrived!

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WIP Update #5

WIP #5 has arrived!

Hello everyone. This is the latest big weekly update for the French Squad mod. Many good things are happening and we do enjoy keeping you informed: we want to tell you that we plan to release content September 1st, upon activation of the Squad Steam Workshop!

3D Models and Engine Integration

As we consider the Leclerc main battle tank and the ERC-90 amphibious vehicle platform, our list of planned land vehicles grows. Our list of planned aircraft now includes the Rafale jet and the NH90 helicopter.

TRM 2000 Light Utility Truck

Our virtual TRM 2000 awaits in a virtual parking lot awaiting testing. This workhorse of the French Army, to be complemented by other trucks, will be textured soon.

To get an idea of the equipment diversity featured in Operation Serval, here’s a comparison just between tires! On the left, TRM, and on the right, wheel of the VBCI.

AMX 10-RC Armored Car

We’ve promised French wheeled vehicles: here is the AMX 10-RC, ready to sneak into Squad.

VAB Armored Personnel Carrier

Production of what will be the backbone of every successful French play, the VAB, is advancing.

OF 37 Hand Grenade

Texturing is done! Magnificent, eh?×576.jpg

Scrome J4 Scope

Our combat scope has received some more attention. Enjoy these renders.

It will accessorize the common FAMAS. Look out for more on the rifle itself in our next WIP update.×576.png×576.png×576.png×576.png×576.png×576.png

Ammunition Crate

We gotta store all this gun juice somewhere. @Baby_James has produced another asset you’ll find in-game.×606.jpg

Char Leclerc Main Battle Tank

Have some patience with this one… it’ll be worth it.×576.png×576.png×576.png

LRAC F1 Anti-tank Rocket

We expect this to be loads of fun to fire.×576.png×576.png

Player Characters

So… it may look like a zombie right now… but come back in two weeks and you just might find it’s turned into a zombie wearing a FÉLIN uniform and carrying a Minimi machine gun.×1024.jpg×1024.jpg×689.jpg×319.jpg×241.jpg

Operation Serval Logo

Our logo is complete! I think it’s got a lot of charm. Expect to see it a lot.×439.png

Integration Testing

Here’s a first look at the VCBI infantry fighting vehicle, in game!

Okay look… Making video games is hard! We hope you enjoyed the clip. Here’s a better demonstration, after some bugfixing.

Douentza, Mali

Real-world Douentza, Mali, is so large, that we’re looking to divide the geography into several sections, for production and for gameplay purposes. Here’s some environmental detail made by @SadyFofana. These lockers will be inside the Douentza school building.

Here’s another satellite photo of the urban area, just to refresh your memory.×1024.jpg

Our Websites

We’ll be creating some new places to distribute information on this and other Squad mods. Keep watching for news on our future web developments.

Updated Task List

WIP next to an item means it is currently being worked on.

  • FR F2 (WIP)
  • FAMAS F1 (WIP)
  • FAMAS G2 (WIP)
  • APAV 40 (WIP)
  • PAMAS G1 (WIP)
  • HK 417 (WIP)
  • Grenade (WIP)
  • FN Minimi
  • AA NF1 (AA 52)
  • AT4 (WIP)
  • LRAC F1 (WIP)
  • LGI F1 Mortar 120mm (WIP)
  • (WIP) Browning M2 HB
  • VBCI (WIP)
  • PPLOG TRM 2000 (WIP)
  • AMX 10 RC (WIP)
  • ERC-90
  • Super Puma – Conv. & Marine (WIP)
  • NH 90
  • Douentza, Mali (WIP)
  • Rafale

The Team

The team has grown considerably. We’ve had to generally strengthen the team in order for us to meet a September deadline, but also to acquire individuals with new skills like map design. These artists and designers do not receive compensation; rather they do work for the wellness of the Squad community.

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