Work In Progress #8 | VAB, Mortar, Binoculars and more

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So after a couple of quiet weeks due to the 9.8 release (avoiding cross communication) we have some new shiny assets to show to you that our 3D art team have been working hard on. The focus at the moment is the player character, and all the equipment that comes with it.


The player model is coming along nicely, RebornRock is doing a really amazing job. This character will be the first of several, as we still need to have player models that differentiate between squad leaders, scouts, anti tank etc. We hope to rig this character within the next couple of weeks, but we’re most likely going to wait until the new SDK is out so we don’t have to back track.


In terms of items for our player, this week we have 2 new grenades to show you, a coloured smoke (GR MA FC with F5 fuse) and the OF 37 hand grenade also with the F5 fuse. Using the same fuse means we can hopefully use the same if not similar animations.

Tactical Binoculars

We also have a lovely pair of Binoculars for you squad leaders out there! They look old, but they’re still the most common pair in service with the foreign legion today.


We also have our first FOB concept to go along with our ammo crate, let us know what you think! This includes the radio by Baby_James, the FAMAS weapons case by TiToone and the Radar also by TiToone (check also the Net on the back). If you look at each WIP image it has the names of the artist who did it.


We have two vehicles which are currently being set up by the very talented JamesDev, one of our programmers. This is the VBCI and TRM which you’ve seen before previously, but next week we hope to have a video of at least one of them in action! We revisited the wheel as we weren’t happy with it. (See picture: VBCI)



The VAB by Niko is really coming along, and will be textured within the coming week. So now you have your logi truck, your HMMWV equivalent and your Stryker equivalent. But we won’t stop there, 4 more land vehicles are planned and work will commence on then within a few days (Leclerc Tank, VAB T20/13, VBL, AMX-10 RC).


We can’t stop Phoenix doing great stuff for you Guys.

120mm Mortar

We were speechless. Enjoy. Bonfunk did an amazing job.


PGM Hécate II

(12.7×99mm NATO) cartridge. Heavy and scary. By Pickpocket.

Super Puma

I believe I can Fly […] I believe I […] Well. DaTickler will make your dreams come true.

Big Up

All of this would be a lot harder if we didn’t have our men in the field Lokenn and Bakben, who are our Documentalists for the project.

New 3D Artist

Say hello to Pawin, talented 3D Artist, working on the Minimi MK3. Welcome!


Next Wednesday 13 September 7:00pm UTC – Interview with the Squad French Mod Modders. English. Interactive Q&A via: Channel Chat or the Interview Discord Server:
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