Work In Progress #13 and Vehicles Test

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Testing one two one two?

The time is almost here! Now that we have 3 vehicles integrated and with a couple more just around the corner they need testing! There will be several opportunities over the coming weeks for you to jump in and play with these vehicles, we need this so we can test the handling, damage, armour and overall balance of each vehicle, so when we release in full they’re in a good place. There are many things wrong with these vehicles, and are very much a work in progress! Please bare that in mind whilst pew pewing. If you want to be a part of the testing process then please join this discord server and follow the instructions along with live updates. Please take this seriously, we want the best content for you and for this we need you to be mature and give us the best feedback possible. Also remember that our artists have sunk many hours into making these work, so be gentle x See you riding that VBCI, Babe x


The Heat

VBCI with NavBall

Super Puma

TRM 2000

Spawn Flavors


AMX 10 RCR Reworked


Radio Pouch

Smoke Pouch

And soon so much more… HK417


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